Triage Healthcare was founded on two basic principles:

We strongly believe in our:


You can trust Triage Healthcare for more reasons than any other similar company. All our employees from director-level downwards are professionals in the field of addiction treatment, and are bound by professional codes of conduct and medical ethics. Our directors are a senior consultant addictions doctor and a senior addictions therapist; our management team and call centre employees are nurses, counsellors and therapists. As a company, we have a professional and ethical commitment to providing you with an ethical service first, considering our business needs only secondarily.


Triage Healthcare has by far the longest track record of addictions treatment provision using the internet as a contact medium. This is recognisable through the ever increasing amount of expert free information available from our websites such as We are committed to maintaining, developing and improving our free internet information services on a continuous basis for the long term, and will remain the leader in the field of expert addictions information provision.


Making a decision about the kind of treatment you may need for an addictions problem can be difficult. Our expert team is ideally placed to help you through the decision making process. Firstly there are medical considerations such as a need for detoxification, the kind of detoxification needed, the safest place to receive this, the potential for other forms of prescribing. Secondly there are therapeutic considerations such as the best form of counselling, the most appropriate setting for the counselling, the duration of treatment, the importance of continuing support after a period of residential treatment. Thirdly there are practical considerations such as the cost of treatment. We know that making the right choices about these things can lead to success whilst poor quality advice can be fatal.


Triage Healthcare is by far the best placed to help you make all these decisions. Our treatment advice and planning service is routinely informed by the latest developments and is overseen by our medical director Dr Bruce Trathen, a leading addictions expert. Our network of partner treatment providers extends throughout the World. We are able to place you with an addictions Counsellor only a mile from your home, or fly you to South Africa to receive some of the best value residential treatment available worldwide. Vitally, our long track record has enabled us to continue partnerships only with those counsellors and treatment centres that achieve the best recovery rates.