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This site is designed to support keyboard commands to navigate to the main areas of the site. They are known as Access Keys. Access keys make navigating websites much easier and faster.

To move to the home page, hold down the ALT and press the number 1 key (above the letters), then press the Enter key and you will quickly navigate to the home page. Every page in this website has the access keys set up;

List of Access Keys Used

People with limited vision

If you suffer poor sight there are several things you can do to make the Triage Healthcare page easier to read. Increase or decrease the text size through your browser setting.

Each Browser has a different way to do this:

Colour Blindness

This page has been designed to be visible if you have the following types of color blindness

Accessible Websites

This site has ben designed to be compatible with as many people as possible, with any browser.

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