Triage Healthcare Ltd

Triage Healthcare was formed by Dr Bruce Trathen, Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist, and David Goodlad FRSPH, Senior Addictions Therapist, with the aim of improving the standard of and accessibility to drug and alcohol treatment throughout the UK.

Operationally, concerned individuals and loved ones receive a confidential telephone assessment from an experienced professional (addictions counsellor, nurse, doctor) leading to the development of a care plan. This plan may involve the provision of one or more of a number of modalities of treatment including

Additionally, all patients are allocated a THL Care Coordinator who is responsible for the overall management of the practical aspects of their care plan. The plan is matched to the needs and circumstances of the individual, and where funding is limited, patients are referred to the relevant local NHS and voluntary services.

In short, we work to provide you with best-value. Whatever your budget we will provide you with expert advice and meaningful contact information to move forwards; and if you are able to invest in treatment we will support you in finding the most effective treatment for the money you have to spend. At Triage Healthcare we believe in Ethics, Experience, Expertise and Effectiveness. We believe in your right to a successful recovery, and we believe in ourselves to deliver that for you.